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Mobility Scooters
Do not be confused with all the various names given to this category of vehicle, for they all refer to the same thing. Mobility scooters are often referred to as “aged care scooters” but in fact people of all ages find freedom and independence when using these battery powered devices. So if you hear battery powered aged care scooter, or electric mobility scooter, electric powered scooter, we are referring to those battery powered mobility scooters that are becoming increasingly popular in our neighbourhoods.

Mobility scooters whether you hire or buy have provided kilometres of freedom for those members of our community with limited mobility. At Independent Living Specialists, we can tailor a model to suit all needs, whether it be a compact travel scooter or a robust heavy duty mobility scooter for country areas or long distances. Pride and Shoprider scooters are our preferred brands due to their reliability, and availability of spare parts. Each brand has a wide range of models to suit your very own specific needs..

At ILS we offer a hire / rent and buy option in our scooter range. The scooters are available in a wide range of sizes, power, comfort and design. Rest assured whether you hire, rent or buy your electric mobility Pride or Shoprider scooter from ILS, we will be with you every kilometre of the way with our great prices, reliable service and free roadside assist for the first 12 months.

A Mobility Scooter is your coupon to take a comfortable ride.
Mobility Scooters are engineered for those with disabilities who require travel on a footpath, terrain surfaces or any other location they need to go. These specialized scooters are not considered a motor vehicle and are not allowed for long distance travel on an open road, except when crossing the road or on a short distance that does not have a footpath.

Traveling in Public with your mobility scooter

Usually, mobility scooters are allowed on public transport as similar to wheelchairs and other walking aids. It is important to always plan your travel before you leave home so you are can assure to arrive on time at your final destination in a secure manner. Planning your travel time with an extra few minutes will always help.

If you are traveling by train, station yourself closer to the front of the platform where the first carriage will stop. This will make sure the driver can see you clearly and lower the ramp for you to get inside and assist you with disembarkation as well.

When traveling by bus or tram, make sure to check your route to verify if it provides any accessible services. There are times the operator will add an accessible service, upon request, if in advance. To receive your service request, ensure you check first.

At the boarding area of the tram or bus stop, make sure you are visible to the driver. The driver will then extend the ramp for you to get on board. During disembarkation, they will assist with extending the ramp for you again.

There are restrictions that differ between states on the sizing of mobility travel units such as scooters, wheelchairs and walking aids. The general sizing requirement would be :

To fit within a space of 1300mm (length) by 800mm (width)
To be no more than 750mm wide
And have a maximum height of 1500mm
Your travel aid or mobility scooter will most often fit within these guidelines unless you have added any accessories such as flags, or canopies that will extend the sizing further.

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